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Autodesk retires your network licenses

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Is Autodesk's 2:1 licence exchange offer a good value for your business?

Autodesk is retiring its network licences.

These concurrent use licences are being replaced with single-user subscriptions.

The will be no renewals after 07 May 2021, and the deadline for the exchange is 07 August 2022.

Now you can get 2 user licences for 1 network licence at your first renewal.

We're seeing customers that may need 5x more licences. You may end up paying significantly more at and after the exchange.

To take an informed business decision and plan for the optimal renewal you should know:

  • Number of unique users
  • Fluctuations in unique users during week, month, quarter
  • Percentage of users only occasionally using Autodesk products
  • All of the above per bundle, product, option

As you can see, if your licence management tool only shows you current concurrent usage, it's obviously not enough.

L-IT Licence Monitor for Autodesk integrates with Autodesk Licence Manager and LMtools.

It collects usage data, decrypts and normalises it, preserving usage history over time.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve the best commercial outcome.

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