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Do you manage Oracle licences?

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If you are managing Oracle licences and dreaming of a tool to help you, it is most important to set your expectations before you invest in one.

Let's take Flexera's FlexNet for example, and it's one of the best tools:

  • Database requires some tuning effort but then it is fairly automated

  • Middleware requires more tuning. You need to teach the tool to recognise non-standard installations (ofthen the case). You must also tell the tool, which exact licences and bundles it should recognise. Middleware is complicated in this regard.

  • Applications require massive tuning effort, and it is not guaranteed that you won't need to perform manual compliance calculations anyway.

Capabilities depend on the tool. Check with the vendor. Check with the community. Reach out to us for an opinion and advice.

  • Set your goals - what software do you need to manage
  • Understand the tool's capabilities
  • Set your expectations accordingly - how much additional effort will be required
  • Maintain and verify the tool and the data on a regular basis

Please contact us to discuss how we can save you time and help you choose the tool that fits your goals, or if you just would like to know more on the subject.

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