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Does your tool integrate with other tools?

In your core SAM/ITAM tool, integration capabilities are as important as bulit-in fuctionality, if not more.

Even the best tools cannot "do it all". You need in/out interfaces and APIs to integrate all of your necessary data sources and non-standard metrics, for example:

  • Microsoft Client Access Licences (CALs)
  • Named User Plus licences (NUPs) for Oracle
  • Oracle EBS and Oracle application metrics that are not measured by the tool
  • Complex virtualisation licensing scenarios

And sometimes, you may want to automate repetitive tasks and integrate automation with your internal databases, for example, HR or ActiveDirectory, like we did in our own solition for bulk license assignment for FlexNet.

And please definitely stay away from tools that have limited integration capabilities. It is a dangerous and expensive trap.

Please reach out to us to discuss your SAM tool choices and challenges, and how we can improve it together.

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