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So, you invested in an ITAM tool

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Do you feel like you have invested in a great ITAM tool but…

…If only it also had that one TIME-SAVING feature, it would have been ideal.

Tools are constantly evolving.

Your requirements though are evolving too.

When you have that itching feeling that something isn't just quite right, the pain source is not your SAM tool.

It is the missing "last mile" between the tool and your requirements.

Here is an example:

A customer with a few thousand employees needed to cut time spent on re-assigning licences as people are joining, leaving and moving roles.

They invested in FlexNet, and overall are satisfied with it.

FlexNet has good out-of-the box bulk licence assignment functionality. It just did not align with the customer's process.

What we did:

  • Analysed the process and systems involved
  • Developed a solution integrating Active Directory and FlexNet
  • Recommended adjustments to the process

The result: -Time to perform licence reassignment reduced by 95% *-Hours saved

  • Investment in FlexNet protected

Some say, "there's no silver bullet" in the SAM tool world. So what?

Don't waste your time looking for a silver bullet. Fine-tune the tool you have.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve the best commercial outcome.

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