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Your SAM tool’s maintenance is due.

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Your SAM tool’s MOT is due.

Is your ITAM data always up to date? Is your data consistently accurate?

You have acquired and deployed a market-leading SAM tool. It’s a significant step towards having consistent trustworthy data.

Your infrastructure is not static. And your tool’s accuracy has “wear” as a result.

Your tool requres "health checks" on a regular basis, an equivalent of an MOT/PTI/HU in the automotive world.

Here's just the basic list not to bore you with technical lingo:

  1. Are all your assets accounted for?
  2. Does your tool have the necessary access rights?
  3. What is the quality of the inventory data?
  4. Are your entitlement records in the tool up to date?

It may be time consuming and mundane but it’s necessary, so you always know what you manage.

Please contact us to discuss how we can save you time and help you achieve the best commercial outcome.

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